I want to organize a CarFit event, who should I contact first?

  • CAOT and CAA have entered a partnership to bring the CarFit program to Canada. If you are planning to organize a CarFit training or event, CAOT strongly suggest you to tap on our partnership with CAA and contact the CAA representative according to the list posted and regularly updated on our web page (click here).

Do CarFit volunteers need to undergo a police security check?

  • We have to remind ourselves that CarFit is a public education event. Older drivers who attend our CarFit events are adults. They do not fit the definition of vulnerable persons.  We meet these persons in the public space. Older drivers come willingly to attend this education session and they read and sign a waiver testifying that they do understand the value and limits of the information provided. For these reasons there is no need to ask volunteers to undergo a police security check.

What type of sponsors can I approach to support my event?

  • The decision about soliciting sponsors should be taken by your organizing team.  If CAA has agreed to partner with you for the event, you will need to verify with them about the choice of potential additional sponsors to assure that there is no conflict of interest.

How do I proceed if CAA is unable to take part to my CarFit event?

  • In the Canadian CarFit model, CAOT and the CAA regional chapters are free to be involved or not in the different CarFit training and events. The level of partnership and commitment is to be determined on an individual basis.  If for instance, a CAA club is unable to participate in your event, simply document the conversation you had (date, name of the person you spoke to and the essence of the conversation). You are then free to solicit other partners and sponsors that do not violate conflicts of interest, as noted in the previous answer.

May I tweak the CarFit logo?

  • The CarFit logo that appears on the CarFit documents such as the 12-point checklist, the ruler and the programme brochure, cannot be changed. The CarFit program is owned by the American Association of Retired Persons, the American Occupational Therapy Association and the American Automobile Association, who have agreed to allow the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (CAOT) and the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) to operate the program in Canada. Any suggestions for modifications need to be requested in advance and approved by our American counterparts. If you have questions, please contact CAOT and CAA.

What are the information that should be collected from the participants?

  • Collecting participants’ data needs to be considered carefully, and most of all, if personal data is to be collected, it needs to be handled according to ethical principles and processes that assure confidentiality. We propose that you invest efforts in collecting  anonymous feedback from your participants about their satisfaction with the CarFit event and that you keep the collection of personal data to a minimum.  We have designed a feedback that could help you design your own feedback form. [Insert the Program evaluation for here.] Anonymous data and documents can be destroyed afterwards, when you no longer need them.

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