First Research on CarFit in Canada!

On Saturday, May 14th, 2016 a CarFit event was run at McMaster University, under the supervision of event coordinator Dr. Brenda Vrkljan, OT reg. (Ont.). There was a total of 12  trained technicians, and 12 participants registered for the event, however, due to inclement weather conditions (heavy rain and wind),  completing the event in a safe and timely manner was not possible and all participants were not able to attend. As a result, there were 9 technicians, and 11 participants.

The event was part of a student research project, which focused on further assessing participants “fit” in their car, and measuring the change in participant position in their car prior to and after administration of the CarFit checklist.

The event was successful, and presented few challenges other than the weather. Technicians and the event coordinator were pleased with the success of the event, and their ability to run a CarFit event for the first time. Dr. Vrkljan is interested in running a CarFit event again in the future, and possibly including it as part of a student research project again next year.

The participants involved in the CarFit event responded positively to the event and the information that was shared with them. All but one participant enrolled in the event made changes suggested by the technicians and coordinators, and only one participant did not require recommendations as they were within the parameters set out by the CarFit checklist.


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