Deadline is today! Early bird price for CAOT Conference 2015!

Don’t miss out on the CarFit Event Technician & Coordinator Training in Winnipeg.

This workshop is designed to train participants to take on the important role of CarFit Event Technician and Coordinator. CarFit is a community-based education program that offers mature drivers the opportunity to discover how well their cars “fit” them so they can become both safer and more comfortable behind the wheel. The CarFit technician reviews the 12-point CarFit checklist with participants and promotes CarFit priorities and goals. As the official host of a CarFit Event in its community, the CarFit Event Coordinator has the opportunity to make mature drivers – and the community – safer. The CarFit Event Coordinator organize the community events, recruit and train volunteers and are responsible to coordinate such activities as the finding of sponsors and the promotion of the event in collaboration with partner associations.

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Join us for  the CAOT Conference 2015!

Occupational therapists have developed an understanding of the importance of addressing injustices to enable people’s full participation in occupations that are meaningful and enriching. Please join us in Winnipeg to share your knowledge and strategies for rising to the challenge of enhancing occupational justice in our communities.

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