CarFit: A year in Review

In June 2013, CAOT Board of Directors approved the development of the CarFit – Helping Mature Drivers Find Their Safest Fit Program in Canada. Supporting the CarFit Program was an opportunity for CAOT to take an active role in bringing CarFit to Canada through disseminating information about CarFit training opportunities, promoting the role of occupational therapy in the CarFit Program and holding CarFit training sessions across Canada. CAOT were also successful in developing and securing a partnership with CAA to support the implementation of the CarFit Program. CAA has been integral in the implementation, diffusion and success of CarFit in Canada.

CAOT and CAA initially launched CarFit Canada at the 2014 CAOT Conference in Fredericton, New Brunswick. CAOT held a training session and public event and attracted local media to our public events. Since then CAOT and CAA has held 2 other training events across the country, including a Training and Public Event in Ottawa and Toronto as an OSOT Pre-Conference Workshop. Both events garnered media interviews about the program. CAOT-BC also hosted an event in October 2014.

Location of CarFit Training and Public Events in Canada
Since May 2014, CAOT, CAA and our members have held 11 Training and Public events which represent a total of 65 persons trained by CAOT and CAA and an additional 110 persons trained by the trainers.

CAOT launched (August 21, 2014) a four page micro site to host all CarFit Canada information as well all the resources and tools that our members need to host their own CarFit Canada events. ( CAOT has also launched a CarFit Canada blog to provide information, information about events and share resources.

Our initiatives for the coming spring/summer include one CarFit Coordinator and Technician Training Post-Conference Workshop on May 30 & 31, 2015, in Winnipeg, Manitoba and the development of the French CarFit Program with a launch in the province of Quebec.

CAOT is proud of this initiative and looks forward to further progress and implementation. CAOT would also like to thank all the volunteers who have embraced CarFit Canada and made it successful in its first year.

Thank you


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